ISO 197701 Certification Scheme Update
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2022 should be — will be — an exciting year for ITAM. When the ITAM Forum formed in 2020 it did so with the aim to elevate the ITAM profession. It promotes the impactful business benefits ITAM professionals deliver. It also aims to create – and be a caretaker of – the first, globally-recognised ISO 19770 certification scheme for organisations.

Those of us in ITAM are certainly aware of ISO 19770 and view it as a very useful resource for building out an ITAM practice. But, and this is a big ‘but’ (in our opinion), there has never been a way to measure conformity against the standard in a global, consistent and uniform way. So…this is an area we set out to fix.

We aim to have a draft of the certification scheme ready this spring. The volunteer Committee of Experts (nearly 100 ITAM professionals from 20 countries and 30+ industries) is doing a great job helping to draft the scheme and to determine how conformity will be assessed.

A handful of organisations have already volunteered to participate in the validation phase. They will be assessed against ISO 19770-1 by a conformity assessment body.

If your organisation wants to get involved…to be one of the first to be potentially certified, please register its interest. We’ll keep you updated on our progress and let you know when the scheme officially goes ‘live’.

Why get certified?

If you’re asking, why would an organisation decide to get certified?… what value will certification bring?… we asked the global ITAM community. Here is what they told us…these are their top answers:

  • Demonstrate good governance to internal and external stakeholders
  • Elevate the reputation of ITAM teams
  • Benchmark performance against industry peers
  • Monitor and prevent risks in the future

We think these are great reasons.

We’re really excited to bring this certification scheme to market. If you’d like more information about this project and our timelines, please visit our Certification Scheme webpage. Please also remember to register your organisation’s interest in becoming certified.

It’s an exciting time, and year, for ITAM!