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About ISO/IEC 19770

ISO is the global standards organisation. Countries are members of ISO, and each appoints one national standards body to be its ISO representative. National standards bodies appoint volunteer delegate experts to participate in committees, and it is these individuals who write the standards.

The ITAM Standards Committee was established in 2004. It has more than 175 members from 25+ countries. To date, it has published 7 ITAM standards, which together form the ISO 19770 family of standards.

Our Trustees Ron Brill, Sherry Irwin and Martin Thompson are members of the ITAM Standards Committee.

ISO 19770 - 7 ITAM standards

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For a high-level overview of ISO and the ISO ITAM Standard, watch this helpful recording from ITAM Forum Patron Anglepoint. It features Ron Brill, Chairman of the ISO ITAM Standards Committee and President & Chairman of the Board at Anglepoint.

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