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We are thankful to be supported by a range of Patrons that share our mission to promote and grow the business practice of IT asset management.


The first step in successful ITAM, is trustworthy data. That is, knowing what you have so you can manage it. AirTrack was created to address this very issue. It provides visibility, insights and answers to questions like, “Which servers are missing from my CMDB?”, “Which devices are unsecured?” and “Which devices don’t have the correct inventory agent installed?”.

In short, if you can’t see it, you can’t manage it, and if you can’t manage it, you shouldn’t trust it.

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Anglepoint is a global professional services firm delivering high value licensing and compliance services to Fortune 500 companies and others around the globe. Its high-powered team of subject matter and technical specialists have decades of industry experience in providing clients with innovative and proactive solutions that have real and measurable impact on the bottom line.

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Cask is a ServiceNow partner with expertise spanning the platform. It’s ITAM team holds 50+ years of ServiceNow platform experience and 20+ years of asset management functional experience with broad industry exposure to all industry sectors.  Additionally, Cask has ITAM resources that are extremely familiar with IBM and Microsoft licensing, with a team member responsible for 100+ Microsoft audits. Though it focuses on the ServiceNow platform, Cask has broad experience with many other hardware and software asset management tools and platforms.


Flexera delivers SaaS-based IT management solutions that enable enterprises to accelerate and multiply the return on their technology investments. We help organizations inform their IT with total visibility into their complex, hybrid ecosystems, providing the IT insights that fuel better-informed decisions. And, we help them transform their IT with tools that allow IT leaders to rightsize across all platforms, reallocate spend, reduce risk and chart the most effective path to the cloud.

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GeminiSix is a SAM competency centre focused on helping businesses correctly manage their Software Assets and Licenses through their entire lifecycle. Its goal is to reduce information technology costs and limit business and legal risk related to the ownership and use of software while maximizing IT responsiveness and end-user productivity.

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Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE: IRM) is the global leader in innovative storage and information management services, storing and protecting billions of valued assets, including critical business information, highly sensitive data, and cultural and historical artifacts.


The ITAM Review is an independent global community for worldwide ITAM, SAM and Licensing professionals. It’s a place where you can belong, connect with others, advance your career and feel inspired. Our purpose is to provide an independent, unbiased view of the SAM, ITAM and Software Licensing market.

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We are a strategic ServiceNow Elite Partner with four decades of IT expertise focused on security and asset management. We help customers achieve outcomes such as cost savings, increased efficiency, and balanced staffing levels as we work to understand your goals, build the roadmap, and lead you to success!


Offering comprehensive advisory services, program implementation and post delivery support, NewRocket combines the best of ITAM industry practitioner experience with the power of ServiceNow. Our customers achieve key business outcomes resulting from our innovative, cross-functional IT Asset Management program design, supported by industry-leading automation capabilities. Across your business and around the world, NewRocket is committed to deliver resilient, connected, and transformed enterprises and strive to make every customer a Raving Fan.


At SCC, we believe that true business flexibility comes from having the visibility and control of your IT Assets and Cloud Deployments.

We help organisations use the best in IT asset lifecycle management and cloud consumption methodologies and tooling to optimise current operations and ensure they have the correct processes, software tooling and services to deliver the greatest ROI.


Welcome to a new era of ITAM. ServiceNow delivers digital workflows that unlock productivity with great experiences.

ITAM requires more than data. ServiceNow is the industry’s only platform on a common architecture with IT. With ServiceNow, you can automate the full technology asset lifecycle with workflow-processes to connect people.

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SHI International Corp. is a global provider of technology solutions, products, and services with 35+ offices worldwide. We offer custom solutions and services for every aspect of an IT environment. Our highly-skilled ITAM professionals help organizations manage IT assets, improve processes, governance and reduce costs for all major software publishers.

Snow 300

Snow Software is the global leader in technology intelligence solutions, ensuring the trillions spent on all forms of technology is optimized to drive maximum value. More than 4,000 organizations around the world rely on Snow’s platform to provide complete visibility, optimize usage and spend and minimize regulatory risk. Headquartered in Stockholm, Snow has more local offices and regional support centers than any other software asset and cloud management provider, delivering unparalleled results to customers and partners.


SOFTCORNER is the leading B2B on the secondary software market in Europe. We enable companies and administrations to optimize and enhance the value of their software assets. Our Secondary Software Marketplace allows you to buy on-premise licenses at discounts of up to 80% and sell your unused licenses to fund new projects. Buy/sell easily and security on Softcorner Smart Marketplace!

You are a buyer: Extend the life of your end-user devices or infrastructure, bring your applications into compliance, save money (80% vs editors).

You are a seller: Finance your move to the cloud, finance your upgrades, promote Green IT.


Softline Group Northern Europe is a leading, international and independent Software & IT Asset Management expert and creates transparency in software assets, enabling organisations to achieve Compliance, Control and Cost savings. The Northern Europe organisation is part of the Softline Group with subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany and France and is a multiple award-winning organisation and certified implementation partner for numerous software publishers.


SoftwareONE is a leading global provider of end-to-end software and cloud technology solutions, headquartered in Switzerland. With capabilities across the entire value chain, it helps companies design and implement their technology strategy, buy the right software and cloud solutions at the right price, and manage and optimize their software estate. Its offerings are connected by PyraCloud, SoftwareONE’s proprietary digital platform, that provides customers with data-driven, actionable intelligence.


TMG is a highly skilled and entrusted, independent technology asset management (TAM) provider, having built a reputation for delivering enterprise-scale TAM managed services, consulting, advocacy and data quality management solutions since 2006.

TMG has developed a solid foundation for managing IT assets, including the ever-expanding ecosystem of public/private cloud, and this is now being recognised internationally.

It has developed seamless, integrated solutions that deliver actionable insights to support cloud migrations, predictive cost analysis and right-sizing opportunities, with the focus on reducing and optimising technology spend.

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USU is the leading provider of software and services for IT & Customer Service Management. Companies around the world use our solutions to succeed with smarter services, simpler workflows and better collaboration.

Enterprise customers and over 50 Global Fortune 500 use our established solution portfolio for Software Asset Management to optimize their software use, access audit risk, and find millions in savings. With the industry’s largest in-house team of experts, we provide flexible tailored services and manage software licenses across the data centre, cloud and hybrid.