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ITAM Forum Events

The ITAM Forum hosts a calendar of events for its members. It also hosts public events and speaks at industry events. Visit this page to find out where and when you’ll find us.

Upcoming Events

Wisdom EMEA 2022 

Join us at Wisdom EMEA 2022, happening June 15 and 16 at the Twickenham Stadium, London, UK. This is the ITAM Review’s flagship in-person conference. Enjoy a wide range of presentations, workshops, and interactive sessions delivered by experienced industry professionals.

  • Our Trustee Salome Hugo is participating in the following session: FinOps – what does it mean for ITAM? (Day 1, 15 June)
  • Our Trustee Rachel Ryan is participate in the following session: Audits, Business Cases and Cloud: the ABCs of ITAM (Day 1, 15 June)
  • Our Dutch Chapter co-lead Johan West is participating in the following session: All of the above! – the universal answer to how ITAM can add value (Day 1, 15 June)
  • Colleagues from our Patrons Flexera, ServiceNow, SoftwareONE and USU are also presenting.

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On-Demand Events

Access on-demand events.

SoftwareONE: ITAM Virtual Summit 2022

ITAM Forum Founder Martin Thompson recently presented at the SoftwareONE ITAM Virtual Summit. Martin’s session explored the very latest IT Asset Management industry research to explain megatrends impacting IT management. Martin also looked at where the industry is heading and how ITAM professionals can prepare their future careers for what lies ahead..

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USU SAM Summit 2022: Skyrocket Your SAM! 

ITAM Forum Founder Martin Thompson recently presented at the USU SAM Summit. His session “The State of ITAM: The Strategic Relevance of ITAM in 2022” addressed the strategic relevance of ITAM in 2022 and what we can expect as the profession evolves within the next decade.

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2020 Achievements and 2021 Plans

On the 2 March 2021, we hosted a webinar to provide an update on the fantastic progress the ITAM Forum had made during its first 12 months and to share our strategic agenda for the next year. Much had been achieved, and many activities are underway, and we wanted to share some highlights with our members and the wider ITAM community.

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Creating the first, globally-recognised ISO 19770 standard certification scheme

On the 10 June 2021 at the Wisdom Online North America 2021 event, Martin Thompson (Founder of the ITAM Forum) and Dennis Montanje (ITAM Forum Certification Workstream Lead) provided an update on the development of the new ISO 19770 certification scheme that will enable organisations to demonstrate the quality of their ITAM practices. They also discussed how ITAM professionals can get involved in this ‘first of its kind’ activity for the ITAM profession.

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