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ITAM Forum Events

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Wisdom EMEA 2024

ITAM Forum members: receive up to 50% off ticket prices to Wisdom EMEA 2024 (18th-19th The Drum, Wembley). For end-user ITAM professionals (only), simply use the discount code at check-out.

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To learn more about this event and to register, visit this webpage.

On-Demand Events

Webinar: Certification Roadmap
On-demand webinar: How to build a roadmap towards ISO/IEC 19770-1 certification

Learn how to prepare your organisation for ISO/IEC 19770-1 certification and raise the profile of your ITAM team!

Our experts discussed:

  • If your organisation is ready for certification
  • What it takes to become certified
  • What the certification auditor will look for
  • The key elements of the 19770-1 standard
  • Why certification matters and the value it brings

…and more! We hope you find this information helpful!

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On-demand webinar: HAM – the comeback king!

This member-only webinar explored how to reignite hardware asset management within your organisation.

Our panelists discussed:

  • Real-life examples of how HAM is delivering business value outside of traditional IT assets
  • How to bridge the gaps with Facilities and HR teams, and more
  • How to make your employee tech stack a stand-out feature (in the world of tech spending cuts)

…and more!

We hope you find this information helpful!

ITAM Forum Members: Access on-demand

Webinar: Cloud Usage Optimisation
On-demand webinar: Cloud Usage Optimisation

This member-only webinar explored practical ways to uncover and address costs, and how to turn optimisation recommendations into actionable results.

Our Optimisation SIG panelists discussed:

  • effective strategies and real-world applications
  • the technical aspects of optimising cloud costs
  • how to best engage with stakeholders and engineering teams

…and more! We hope you find this information helpful!

ITAM Forum Members: Access on-demand

On-demand webinar: ROI & Reporting

Gaining investment for ITAM is essential, but delivering business value is crucial.

  • Who truly are ITAM’s biggest stakeholders (and why) and what information do they need and want?
  • What are the many nuances of ROI?
  • How do you translate business objectives into ITAM KPIs and metrics?
  • What should you (and shouldn’t you) include in your reports?
  • How do you position ITAM as the nucleus of business information?

Discover how you can improve your ITAM reporting skills and elevate ITAM to a strategic business partner position.

ITAM Forum Members: Access on-demand

On-demand webinar: AI + ITAM

Everyone’s talking about AI, including those of us in ITAM.

  • Can (or will) AI be a game-changer for ITAM?
  • Will it increase efficiencies, simplify asset tracking, and streamline processes?
  • Will it do a lot of the ‘leg work’ so ITAM teams can focus on more strategic activities that bring greater business value?

Hear what our panel of experts think. During this webinar they discuss the ITAM opportunities and challenges relating to AI.

ITAM Forum Members: Access on-demand

On-demand webinar: Sustainable IT: Implementation & Alignment

This member-only webinar focused on the crucial connection between ITAM and sustainability. Our panelists provided valuable insights, actionable steps, and a roadmap for aligning your ITAM practices with sustainability goals.

During this event, our Sustainability SIG panelists discussed:

  • The significance of ITAM in sustainability
  • Practical measures and quick wins for immediate implementation
  • Real-world examples to guide your sustainability efforts
  • How sustainability goals can be achieved through ITAM

ITAM Forum Members: Access on-demand

On-demand webinar: ITAM Forum Community Update

Get up-to-speed on all things happening within the ITAM Forum community.

You’ll hear updates on: Country Chapters and SIGs, new resources, and upcoming and on-demand events.

You’ll also hear from two of our Ambassadors (who’s role is to help you), and AJ Witt from the ITAM Review addresses recent ‘hot news’ from the world of ITAM.

Lastly, our Patron Servicenow shared some key findings from it’s annual ITAM survey, which you can download: A business view of IT asset managmeent: Current state and near-term outlook.

ITAM Forum Members: Access on-demand

On-demand webinar: How to implement an ISO/IEC 19770-1 Management System

A management system is something that is not well understood within the ITAM community. Some think it’s a tool. Some think it’s a particular process. What it is is a way of working. This upcoming webinar addresses what is (and isn’t) a management system, how to create and implement a management system, and what to do next.

Ultimately, a management system will help your ITAM practice to deliver value to your organisation, helping ITAM to become a strategic business partner. Also, learn more about the ISO ITAM Standard ISO 19770-1 (which is a management system standard) and the new ISO/IEC 19770-1 certification scheme.

ITAM Forum Members: Access on-demand

FinOps + ITAM. How it works in 'real life'
Member-only Webinar: ITAM + FinOps. How it really works. 

Everyone’s talking about FinOps, why ITAM needs to get involved, and the contributions ITAM can bring to a Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCoE) team. But, how does this work in ‘real life’? What does this look like?

Hear from your ITAM peers who are also FinOps Certified Practitioners. They don’t just ‘talk the talk’ but walk it every day. Bring your questions!

ITAM Forum Members: Access on-demand

Member-only Webinar: ITAM Forum Biannual Update

Learn about all that’s going on within the ITAM Community. Speakers provide updates on: Country Chapters, SIGs, Ambassadors, the new ISO/IEC 19770-1 certification scheme, and more!

ITAM Forum Members: Access on-demand

ISO/IEC 19770-1 Certification Scheme Update
On-demand Webinar: Certification Scheme Update

Meet the first, two organisations (HDI Group and Softline Group Northern Europe) to gain ISO/IEC 19770-1 certification. They share their experiences going through the certification process, lessons learned, top tips and much more.

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ITAM + Infosecurity
Member-only Webinar: ITAM + Infosecurity

Learn how ITAM and Infosecurity teams can work better together. We know this is a hot topic for many ITAM professionals and a key area where ITAM can contribute. Hear from a panel of experts in a Q&A style webinar format.

ITAM Forum Members: Access this webinar on-demand

ServiceNow - Sustainability, Info security and more!
Member-only Webinar: ServiceNow + Infosecurity + Sustainability

Are you a ServiceNow customer? Learn how to best leverage ServiceNow to support your organisation’s infosecurity and sustainability programs.

Hear ServiceNow, Cask and ITS Partners experts discuss how to get started and how to bring value.

ITAM Forum Members: Access this webinar on-demand

ITAM Power Skills
Member-only Webinar: ITAM ‘Power Skills’  

Access this webinar on-demand and hear from our panel of experts. Some of our favourite takeaways include:

  • Connect your ITAM Mission Statement to your company’s Mission Statement
  • Understand your stakeholders’ challenges and how ITAM can help resolve them
  • Narrow the vast amount of information ITAM has down to each individual stakeholder

If you’re looking to ‘step up’ your game in 2023, gain new skills and develop into the ITAM professional you’ve always dreamed of, this webinar recording could be for you.

ITAM Forum Members: Access this webinar on-demand

ISO/IEC 19770-1 Certification Scheme Update Webinar Banner
On-demand Webinar: ISO/IEC 19770-1 Certification Scheme Update

Learn about the upcoming, world’s first, globally-recognised ISO/IEC 19770-1 certification scheme. This will enable organisations, for the first time, to receive a globally-accepted quality stamp for their ITAM practice via an independent, third-party assessment.

You will learn:

  • the business benefits of certification
  • how much certification costs and the impacting factors
  • what a pre-audit involves

…and much more, including what to do next.

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How ITAM can contribute towards sustainability
Member-only webinar: How ITAM can contribute to sustainability

Access this webinar on-demand and hear from our panel of experts. Some of our favourite takeaways include:

  • Identify your ESG stakeholders and make an introduction
  • Unearth ESG-related data, and start sharing it
  • Adopt a reduce, remarket, redeploy and recycle mindset
  • Help your leadership team understand the positive impact ITAM can make

ITAM Forum Members: Access this session on-demand

How ITAM is fundamental to FinOps success
Member-only webinar: How ITAM is fundamental to FinOps success

This was an educational, informative and conversational Q&A webinar hosted by Rich Gibbons of the ITAM Review and a panel of experts. Some of our favourite takeaways include:

  • Don’t wait to be asked to join a FinOps team/project. Be proactive and find out how to get involved.
  • Don’t make it a turf war. It’s not FinOps vs ITAM. Communicate and collaborate.
  • You can’t do FinOps or ITAM effectively without good, clean data that you can rely on.

Members: Access this session on-demand