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About Us

We’re passionate about ITAM and the business value it creates

ITAM is essential for all businesses. It helps organisations solve problems, increase efficiencies, reduce costs, drive outcomes, and much more.

IT assets are incredibly wide ranging. ITAM plays a crucial role in supporting and governing the lifecycle of hardware and software assets. This includes legacy assets and those within the realm of AI, robotics, machine learning and more.

Our Vision

All organizations investing in technology have an IT Asset Management program in place that delivers business value.

Our Mission

To promote the business practice of IT Asset Management.

Our Guiding Principles

Not for profit

We are independent and impartial. We serve the best interests of our entire industry.

End-user led

We are governed by a Board of Trustees. Most of our trustees are end-user ITAM professionals.


We are constructive and collaborative. We bring our industry together so we can all push forward together.

Our Values

ITAM Champions

We know the business value ITAM brings. We want to inspire others so they too can benefit.


We are an inclusive and welcoming, global community of passionate ITAM professionals.


We always speak the truth to our industry so we can help it improve and be the best it can be.


We push ITAM forward so it’s better understood, respected, trusted and valued.


We are the only ITAM organisation led by end users. We’re a not-for-profit with a volunteer Board of Trustees.

Our Board of Trustees

We are overseen by a volunteer Board of Trustees that performs a governance role. Our Trustees help us to push our industry forward, open new doors, and develop and deploy initiatives.

Our Patrons

We’re thankful to be supported by a range of Patrons who share our mission to promote and grow the business practice of IT asset management.

ITAM Forum News

Visit our Blog and In the Press section to learn more about us.

Our Team

Martin Thompson, Founder of ITAM Forum

Martin Thompson

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Jennifer Carr, Marketing & Membership Director, ITAM Forum

Jennifer Carr

Marketing & Membership Director 
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Hernán Fariñas Vales, Community Manager, ITAM Forum

Hernán Fariñas Vales

Community Manager
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Mark Flynn, Commercial Director, ITAM Forum

Mark Flynn

Commercial Director
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Tasveer Gola, Marketing and Membership Executive

Tasveer Gola

Marketing and Membership Executive
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