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ITAM Forum Annual Report 2022

ITAM Forum Annual Report 2022

Our Annual Report summarizes our key activities and achievements against our two objectives:

  • To create – and be a caretaker of – the upcoming ISO/IEC 19770-1 certification scheme for organisations
  • To elevate ITAM by sharing knowledge and best practices that showcase the business value ITAM delivers and aid to grow the profession

The ITAM Forum continues to grow and thrive as a world-wide ITAM community. We’d like to thank our members, trustees and patrons for their continued support and interest in giving back!

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ITAM in the 2020s White Paper Cover

Whitepaper: ITAM in the 2020s. The case for good ITAM and for certification.

ITAM is becoming increasingly important to all organizations. This paper helps organisations further drive this evolution. It provides a brief overview of the business benefits of ITAM. It also discusses the benefits of organisational certification against the ISO ITAM standard.

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Why ITAM is a Great Career Choice eBook Cover

eBook: Why ITAM is a Great Career Choice

What brings people into an ITAM career? Why are ITAM professionals so passionate and enthusiastic about the ITAM? This eBook answers these questions and much more! This is a great read for anyone considering a career or role in ITAM.

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The 5 Key Business Benefits of ITAM eBook Cover

eBook: The 5 Key Business Benefits of ITAM

ITAM is on the move. It’s evolving into a ‘must have’, strategic partner for all organizations. This eBook addresses the 5 key business benefits ITAM.

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