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In The Press

October 2021

Danska Bank wins ‘Project of the Year’ at the annual ITAM Excellence Awards hosted by the ITAM Review

Were procurement steps skipped in the rush to home working?

September 2021

IT Asset Management should be a post-covid priority for every organization

Use the post-COVID assessment as a springboard to establish ITAM

What does sustainability mean to you? Our respondents’ answers distilled and analyzed

August 2021

What does sustainability really mean to you? The ITAM Forum

July 2021

What does sustainability really mean to you? Schneider Electric 

May 2021

Why ITAM can aid IT-fuelled business recovery

April 2021

Regaining control through IT Asset Management

IT Procurement and ITAM: A blossoming relationship in asset management that you can’t afford to ignore

Vendor software license audits have become more frequent. Are you prepared? 

March 2021

Why IT Asset Management should lead a post-Covid assessment of supplier and contract risk

January 2021

Q&A: How ViacomCBS cut Zoom costs, not jobs, during the pandemic

Apologies for the wait, we’re overwhelmed. Yes, this is the hospital. You need to what?! Do a softare license audit? 

Which software publishers are currently auditing? Survey results part 2/3

December 2020

Poll reveals strong interest in 19770 certification

Cut IT waste before IT jobs 

November 2020

Insight urges customers to examine costs closely before cutting jobs

Cut jobs or cut software spending

Best Practices for IT Asset Management (ITAM)

October 2020

Coronavirus raises the software audit stakes 

Evangelizing IT asset management 

COVID-19 and the remote worker, a SAM perspective

August 2020

ITAM is no longer about compliance 

ITAM moves centre stage 

July 2020

Certains éditeurs menacent leurs clients d’audits pour les contraindre à souscrire leurs solutions cloud dénonce l’ITAM Forum

Executive Interview: Toyota’s Melody Ayeli on the significant role of ITAM

ITAM Forum asks software giants to stop browbeating customers onto their clouds with threats of licence audits

New trade body for ITAM industry makes first board appointments

New chair for ITAM Forum 

June 2020

New industry trade association: Aspera joins the ITAM Forum

Economic slowdown will force CIOs to redress SaaS pricing 

Melody Ayeli appointed as Chairperson for ITAM Forum 

ITAM Forum aims to raise the bar on tech management

May 2020

ITAM Forum opens: ‘People just want to talk to other managers about how to defend against software audits’

IT asset management is ‘moving out of the shadows’, claims newly formed body

IT asset management to become critical in a recession – ITAM Forum

IT asset management forum launches to enhance sector