HAM – the comeback king!

March 20, 2024

Hardware Asset Management (HAM) has been patiently waiting for the spotlight while SAM and FinOps have taken centre stage. However, with the pandemic, we started to see a revival in HAM as IT assets were distributed all around the globe. HAM is continuing to make a comeback thanks to two driving forces: the expanding scope of HAM and the digital employee experience.

We recently hosted a “HAM – the comeback king!” webinar with a panel of experts to learn how to reignite hardware asset management within organisations. Hosted by AJ Witt, we heard from:

  • Anne Watson: ITAM Solutions Architect, SHI International Corp.
  • Clint Lange: Director of Solutions Engineering, Iron Mountain
  • Michael Smith: Principal Product Manager for Hardware Asset Management, ServiceNow

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ITAM Forum Acquires The ITAM Review and LISA

March 18, 2024

By: Martin Thompson, Founder of the ITAM Forum

Today is a milestone for the ITAM industry and profession. The ITAM Forum has acquired the ITAM Review and LISA. Together, we’ll be able to create a strong, engaged, and passionate world-wide ITAM community that drives ITAM adoption and maturity. We’ll also help to shape and redefine ITAM for the future.
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ROI & Reporting

January 31, 2024

Gaining investment for ITAM is essential, but delivering business value is equally as crucial. But, how do you deliver business value if you can’t secure investment? Once you have some level of buy-in for ITAM, no matter how small or big, or how mature (or immature) your ITAM practice is, demonstrating ROI is paramount to maintaining and growing your ITAM team and its strategic value.

We recently hosted a ITAM ROI & Reporting webinar with a panel of experts to get their tips on how to best report on ITAM ROI. Joining us were:

  • Jonas Jasinskas: Global Service Design Lead, Software Sourcing & Portfolio Management, SoftwareOne
  • Juliana Beauvais: Director, Product Marketing for IT and Enterprise Asset Management, ServiceNow
  • Russ Eicholtz: ITAM Principal Consultant, SHI International Corp.

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January 12, 2024

In the rapidly changing technological environment of today, AI has emerged as a hot topic in ITAM. The burning question on everyone’s mind is: Could AI be a game-changer for ITAM?

We recently hosted a “AI + ITAM” webinar where experts shared insights about AI’s potential and its challenges for ITAM. Hosted by the ITAM Review’s Rich Gibbons, we heard from:

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2023 Year in Review

December 21, 2023

What a year 2023 has been for the ITAM Forum! We grew in numbers and activities, and we achieved one of our key objectives: To create – and be a caretaker of – the world’s first ISO/IEC 19770-1 certification scheme.

You’ll find more details about this below along with a highlight of some of our other 2023 achievements.

First things first. We couldn’t have done any of this without you, the global ITAM community. Thank you!

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The Dutch Police gains ISO/IEC 19770-1 certification

December 20, 2023

We’re thrilled for the Dutch Police, which today, became the world’s first public sector organisation to gain ISO/IEC 19770-1 certification! It received its certificate today from Brand Compliance, the certification scheme auditor, after successfully meeting all requirements.

The Dutch Police’s Marc Goedhart, Audit Coordinator, and John Haenen, Software Asset Consultant, lead the project with support from Rosalie Kramer,  IT-Sector Head.

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