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Turning ITAM into a trusted and respected business partner

The new ISO/IEC 19770-1 certification scheme is a game changer for ITAM. We know the tremendous business value ITAM delivers, but others may not. Certification provides an independent, unbiased, and globally-recognised and accepted quality stamp for an ITAM practice. It tells organisation (and their partners, customers and stakeholders) that they meet the highest ITAM standard in the world.

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It’s an exciting time for ITAM

Our two main objectives:


To elevate ITAM by sharing knowledge and best practices that focus on business value and aid to grow the profession.


To create – and be a caretaker of – the new ISO 19770 standard certification program so organisations can demonstrate the quality of their ITAM practices.

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ITAM is on the move

ITAM professionals now play an informing role, a decision-making role, and many report into the C-suite. They are helping to remove pain points, achieve goals, digitally transform. operate efficiently, and prepare for what’s next. And, of course, they’re also helping to reduce risk, ensure compliance, and maximise savings.

We’re supporting our members on this journey, helping to prepare them for what’s next and to future-proof their careers.


We’re an inclusive and end-user led, global community of ITAM professionals. We’re also a not-for-profit with a volunteer Board of Trustees. There’s no cost or annual fee associated with being an ITAM Forum member.

We welcome everyone who works within ITAM. We also welcome business leaders from outside of ITAM who want to learn more about ITAM.


Experience the many benefits that come with being an ITAM Forum member. Make valuable connections. Learn best practices, helpful tips, and ‘how to’ information. Help lift and progress the ITAM industry and profession.

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