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Today is International Women’s Day, a global day that celebrates the achievements of women. It also aims to accelerate women’s equality.

This year’s theme is ‘Break the Bias’, which is something that perhaps is already happening (thankfully) in the ITAM profession.

  • 40+ percent of ITAM Forum members are women
  • 40+ percent of our Board of Trustees are women. Some of these individuals hold very senior job title, such as, ‘First Vice President – Global Head of IT Asset Management’.

To mark this day and the achievements of women in ITAM, our patron Angelpoint recently hosted a “Women in ITAM” webinar. An all-female panel of ITAM professionals shared their industry knowledge and experiences. It was great to hear these individuals’ perspectives and to learn about their ITAM journeys.

The webinar covered many topics, including how to:

  • promote yourself and talk about your work
  • speak about the positive impact your ITAM programme is having and the business value being delivered
  • make ITAM more well-known and how to draw more women into the profession

One panelist suggested we need more women to speak at ITAM events… if we want to bring more women into ITAM and promote women within the profession.

Well, hats off to our Trustee Rachel Ryan who recently gave a keynote address (on the critical role of ITAM in maintaining compliance) at the FSTech RegTech Live event.

Looking for inspiration?

If you’re a woman working in ITAM, you may be interested in the new ‘Women in ITAM’ LinkedIn group. This would be a great group to join on March 8.

And, if you’re looking for inspirational stories about women ITAM leaders:

  • Listen to our 19-minute podcast with Sherry Irwin. She received the 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award from the ITAM Excellence Awards.
  • See our career profiles that feature our Trustees Elise Cocks and Kristy Stroud.