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Who would have thought that when the ITAM Forum launched back in 2020, so much would be achieved within just two years! Much of this success is down to all of you, the global ITAM community. Thank you!

2022 has been a tremendous year for us, but we’re gearing up for 2023 to be even better with the introduction of the world’s first, globally-recognised and accepted ISO/IEC 19770-1 certification scheme. More information about the scheme is below, but we’d first like to shout about some of our other 2022 achievements. None of these would have been possible if it wasn’t for you…our members, trustees and patrons…and the world-wide ITAM community.


2022 saw the introduction of our ‘hot topic’ webinar series. These informal, conversational and educational events focus on topics identified by the ITAM community itself. It’s great to have SO MANY members attend these webinars and, more importantly, learn from a wide range of ITAM experts willing to share their experiences, know-how, and top tips.

(ITAM Forum members: log in and visit the Resources area of the members’ website to access the webinars on-demand).

During 2022, we also launched our membership magazine, ITAM Insights, packed with insightful thought-leadership articles written by those on the front-lines of ITAM. Articles covered highly sought-after topics such as FinOps and Information Security. Other topics were unexpected and thought-provoking such as…how ITAM can contribute to the employee experience.


ITAM Forum membership grew by almost 200%! The majority of new members joined through word of mouth. This is great feedback for the ITAM Forum team, but we don’t rest on our laurels. We’re always thinking of how to add more value to ITAM Forum membership.

In response to demand, we started 8 new country chapters: Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Netherlands, Poland, Türkiye and the U.K. We also launched a world-wide Spanish-speaking chapter.

And, we launched 2 new SIGs: Information Security and Management Systems. All of our SIGs are working to produce helpful resources for the wider ITAM community. For example, the Management Systems SIG (lead by Martijn Braamskamp) is producing a playbook for implementing ISO/IEC 19770.


The ITAM Forum has an objective to create – and be a caretaker of – the world’s first ISO/IEC 19770-1 certification scheme. This will enable organisations to validate (via an independent third-party) the quality of their ITAM practices.

In March 2022, the Forum’s Committee of Experts (100+ ITAM professionals from 20 countries and 30+ industries) produced, with guidance from NEN (the Royal Netherlands Standardization Institute), a draft of the scheme, which is now being validated. A handful of organisations are now participating in the validation phase. They are going through the certification process with Brand Compliance, the scheme’s official auditor. If successful, these organisations will become the first, ever, to be ISO/IEC 19770-1 certified.

If your organisation is interested in being certified, please let us know .

You can find out about this scheme by visiting this webpage.


The ITAM Forum offers free membership thanks to the tremendous support of its Patrons. These organisations share the Forum’s mission to promote the business value of ITAM. During 2022, the ITAM Forum gained 6 new Patrons: Cask, ITAM Review, New Rocket, SCC, ServiceNow, and SHI.

We also gained 2 new Trustee to our volunteer Board of Trustees – Neil Frodsham and John Tomeny. Our Trustees perform a governance role and help to grow and develop the ITAM professional and push it forward.

Get involved

2022 was a very busy year, but we’re ready for 2023!

If you’re curious about these ITAM Forum activities and would like to learn more, please contact us. And, if you’re not yet an ITAM Forum member, welcome!

To all of our Members, Trustees and Patrons, THANK YOU! You are all contributing to the growth and development of the ITAM profession. We’re thankful to have you all by our side.