ITAM Forum: Our newest patron
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We at the ITAM Forum are thrilled to have the support of so many Patrons, ITAM industry organisations that share our mission to promote and grow the business practice of IT Asset Management. These Patrons include ITAM tool providers, ITAM service providers and now, for the first time, a media outlet: the ITAM Review.

Most of you will be very familiar with the ITAM Review, it’s industry-leading and world-wide Wisdom events, it’s annual ITAM Excellence Awards, it’s webinar and podcast series and its daily news and analysis of ITAM and IT industry happenings.

We’re thrilled to welcome the ITAM Review to our community and to talk about how we’re:

  • different
  • similar
  • both aiming to advance the ITAM profession
Our differences

The ITAM Review is an online resource for worldwide ITAM, SAM and Licensing professionals. Its objective is to be the world’s number one destination for ITAM industry information with useful and relevant content that helps practitioners learn, grow and advance.

The ITAM Forum is a world-wide, not-for-profit membership organisation and trade body with two objectives:

  • to bring (and be a caretaker of) an ISO/IEC 19770-1 certification scheme for organisations
  • to elevate and grow the ITAM profession
Our similarities

We both share objectives around helping ITAM practitioners, and the ITAM profession, grow, develop and mature. That’s great for the entire, global, ITAM community. Power in numbers, as they say.

Karen McAllen, Chief Operating Officer, The ITAM Review comments, “We are delighted to be a Patron of the ITAM Forum, supporting its efforts to raise the profile of ITAM and to advance the professionalism of the industry as a whole; something we have been passionately advocating since the ITAM Review published its first article in 2008.”

Please join us in welcoming the ITAM Review to the ITAM Forum community!

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