January 12, 2024

In the rapidly changing technological environment of today, AI has emerged as a hot topic in ITAM. The burning question on everyone’s mind is: Could AI be a game-changer for ITAM?

We recently hosted a “AI + ITAM” webinar where experts shared insights about AI’s potential and its challenges for ITAM. Hosted by the ITAM Review’s Rich Gibbons, we heard from:

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6 Collaborative Use Cases for FinOps and ITAM Teams

November 20, 2023

Author: Hayley Salyar from Snow Software (an ITAM Forum Patron)

This blog first appeared here on the Snow Software website.

Managing costs and resources efficiently has become paramount for organisations seeking to maintain competitiveness. Financial Operations (FinOps) and IT Asset Management are two distinct but interconnected fields that play a vital role in optimising costs and resources. This blog discusses crucial use cases, demonstrating how FinOps and ITAM collaboration can lead to streamlined processes and enhanced cost management.

These use cases are from the framework the FinOps Foundation established on how ITAM intersects with FinOps capabilities.

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Bridging ITAM and FinOps for Success Today and in the Future

November 9, 2023

Author: Apurva Mahendra from Snow Software (an ITAM Forum Patron)

This blog first appeared here on the Snow Software website.

In today’s business landscape, companies are adopting a hybrid infrastructure model with the public cloud experiencing rapid growth. Spending on the public cloud is projected to increase by 21.7% to $597.3 billion in 2023, up from $491 billion in 2022.

In this hybrid reality, FinOps professionals are tasked to derive the business value of cloud and work with other parts of the business (engineering, finance, business teams, etc.) to collaborate on data-driven spending decisions.

The north star principle1 from the FinOps Foundation is, “Teams must collaborate.” Among those teams and personas are the ITAM leader and ITAM practitioner, and they lay the groundwork for a successful cloud cost program.
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Mastering modern SaaS management: challenges, strategies, and solutions

November 7, 2023

Author: Julien Kuijper
Global Product Manager, SoftwareOne (an ITAM Forum Patron)

This blog first appeared here on the SoftwareOne website.

Organisations face a multitude of challenges when it comes to managing their ever-expanding SaaS estate. These challenges can be categorised into two groups: those related to compliance and those associated with efficiency. To effectively address these challenges, organisations need a robust governance model that encompasses both.

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Securing Your Digital World: Statistics for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October 26, 2023

Author: Mustafa Çelen
Software Asset Manager – Türk Telekom, ITAM Forum Ambassador – Infosecurity

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and there’s no better time to shed light on the critical importance of safeguarding our digital lives. As technology evolves, new cyber threats continue to emerge. In the last four years, Türkiye has witnessed an alarming rise in cybercrime. With 40.6 million people falling victim to 176 data breaches some of which had foreign origins. Globally, unauthorised access accounts for 43% of data breaches making it essential to comprehend the gravity of this threat. Read more

ITAM & FinOps. How it works in real life

September 18, 2023

You may not have noticed, but everyone’s talking about FinOps. The so-called “ITAM of the cloud” is on every ITAM practitioner’s mind right now. The question isn’t, “does ITAM need to get involved with FinOps?”, but, most importantly (away from the books, pundits, and webinars), “what does this look like in real life?”.

We recently hosted a webinar, FinOps + ITAM: How it works in ‘real life’, to find the answer this question. The event, hosted by the ITAM Review’s Rich Gibbons, tapped the knowledge of a global panel of ITAM & FinOps Certified Practitioners:

  • George Arezina, ITAM & FinOps Consultant, and SAM & SaaS Trusted Advisor
  • Ron Brill, Chairman; Anglepoint
  • Salome Hugo, Head of Enterprise ITAM; FNB South Africa
  • Sergio Molina, Cloud FinOps and Digital Transformation Lead; financial services company
  • Wuming Zhang, Lead Cloud Architect; Helvetia Versicherungen Schweiz

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SAM + Cybersecurity can bridge the data gap

August 29, 2023

Author: Rebecca Horton
Managing Director and Business Lead, USU

Cross-functional collaboration between Cybersecurity and ITAM has never been more essential for risk management and to mitigate IT vulnerabilities.

Modern IT estates are complex and multifaceted. Organisations are transitioning to off-premises cloud landscapes and breaking systems into components in containers. With thousands of applications and services scattered across hundreds of providers, environments, and platforms, leading analysts see a double-digit growth of public cloud services (BPaaS, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) and an increasing migration away from computing in an on-premises corporate network. Read more

ITAM’s important role in Ransomware

August 9, 2023

Author: Elise Cocks
IT Asset and License Management – Director; Freddie Mac

What is Ransomware?

The FBI states that malicious software, known as malware, called Ransomware prevents users from accessing their computer files, systems, or networks and demands a ransom for their return. Regardless, ransomware attacks can cause costly disruptions to operations and the loss of critical information and data.

Common attack vectors include:

  • Email campaigns known as “phishing” where a malicious file or link embedded in an email deploys malware when clicked.
  • Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) vulnerabilities: cyber criminals obtain user credentials to access company systems and deploy malware internally.
  • Software vulnerabilities: cyber criminals leverage weaknesses in common software to gain access to internal systems to deploy malware internally.

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