SAM + Cybersecurity can bridge the data gap

August 29, 2023

Author: Rebecca Horton
Managing Director and Business Lead, USU

Cross-functional collaboration between Cybersecurity and ITAM has never been more essential for risk management and to mitigate IT vulnerabilities.

Modern IT estates are complex and multifaceted. Organisations are transitioning to off-premises cloud landscapes and breaking systems into components in containers. With thousands of applications and services scattered across hundreds of providers, environments, and platforms, leading analysts see a double-digit growth of public cloud services (BPaaS, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) and an increasing migration away from computing in an on-premises corporate network. Read more

ITAM’s important role in Ransomware

August 9, 2023

Author: Elise Cocks
IT Asset and License Management – Director; Freddie Mac

What is Ransomware?

The FBI states that malicious software, known as malware, called Ransomware prevents users from accessing their computer files, systems, or networks and demands a ransom for their return. Regardless, ransomware attacks can cause costly disruptions to operations and the loss of critical information and data.

Common attack vectors include:

  • Email campaigns known as “phishing” where a malicious file or link embedded in an email deploys malware when clicked.
  • Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) vulnerabilities: cyber criminals obtain user credentials to access company systems and deploy malware internally.
  • Software vulnerabilities: cyber criminals leverage weaknesses in common software to gain access to internal systems to deploy malware internally.

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We gained wisdom last week at Wisdom EMEA 2023

June 22, 2023

Last week, Wisdom EMEA was back in person and with a bang. It’s excellent agenda filled with interesting sessions (lead by a wide range of ITAM industry experts) made it hard at times to choose which breakout room to enter.

Below are six of our top takeaways from Wisdom EMEA. We tried to keep this list to five, but there simply was too much good information.

Reinventing ITAM for the Future:

Shadi Khoshab from SoftwareOne addressed what ITAM needs to manage (thinks Saas and FinOps), how it needs to operate (think value-driven), and what it needs to cover (think closer relationships with IT Service Management, Operations Management, Infosecurity and Sustainability – “Who better than ITAM to help avoid wastage.”). Furthermore, with the technology landscape evolving at an incredibly fast pace, there’s a real opportunity for ITAM to step up and evolve. Oh no, no, no…ITAM is certainly no longer just about license management.
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