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Acquisition Announcement Q&A

The ITAM Forum has acquired The ITAM Review and LISA.

Please find below some Q&As regarding the ITAM Forum acquiring The ITAM Review and LISA. If you have questions or concerns not addressed below, please outreach to your usual point of contact or contact

What is happening?

The ITAM Forum has acquired the ITAM Review and LISA. These three organisations have enjoyed a close working relationship and have a shared vision for ITAM to be a de-facto business practice and an integral component of every organisation’s IT management strategy.

Together, we’re in a great position to not only drive ITAM adoption and its maturity within organisations but to also evolve, shape and redefine ITAM for the future.

What are the benefits for me?

As an ITAM, SAM, HAM, and Licensing professional, you will enjoy access to a wider range of insights, content, and events and to a trusted, world-wide community of your peers.

By coming together, we will deliver an integrated product offering and an improved user experience thanks to investments in tools that will bring better community engagement, learning, networking, and knowledge sharing. This will help you to more quickly get up to speed on market trends and developments, upskill so you can deliver even more business value, resolve your day-to-day challenges, and mature your ITAM practice. It will also help you to prepare for the future of IT asset management.

Is the ITAM Forum still an independent, not-for-profit organisation?

Yes, the ITAM Forum is still a not-for-profit organisation and remains independent. This is very important to us. Being a not-for-profit and independent are two of our key values. Although we work with ITAM industry tool providers, consultants, and Managed Service Providers, we are led by end-users. We are not beholden to shareholders, and all revenue generated is invested back into the organisation.

Are you going to remain independent?

Independence serves as the bedrock of our group, and it remains non-negotiable. Our unwavering commitment lies in prioritising the needs of end-users and the advancement of IT Asset Management.

We have established a governance structure where the ITAM Forum Board of Trustees and its sub-groups will provide accountability to all employees and will review critical activities. This will ensure our values, including independence, and are not comprised as we work towards our mission and vision.

What does 'independence' mean in the context of the group?

Independence signifies our steadfast dedication to prioritising the best interests of the end-user community and ultimately, the advancement of IT Asset Management practices. This commitment ensures that our analysis, guidance, and relationships remain uninfluenced by sponsors, patrons, or external entities. By upholding this independence, we ensure unbiased assessments and recommendations, empowering us to advance our vision and mission without constraints.

What is the role of the ITAM Forum's Trustee Board?

The ITAM Forum is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees. These individuals come from all areas of the ITAM profession. One-third of the Trustee Board is refreshed every year, ensuring a complete renewal within a three-year period. Ron Brill is currently Chair of the Trustee Board, and Salome Keet is Vice Chair. New Trustees are elected to the Board by current Trustees, and the ITAM Forum actively promoted open Trustee positions.

Even with our Trustee Board, the ITAM Forum remains independent. The Trustee Board does not direct operations – it simply serves a governance role.

How can I help drive/impact the evolution of asset management?

There are a number of ways you can help us shape the future of asset management.

Community Engagement:

Engage with the ITAM community via the ITAM Forum, ITAM Review, and LISA. This is critical for shaping ITAM’s future. You can participate in the ITAM Forum’s Discussion Board, Chapters and SIGs, attend Wisdom events, join webinars, take LISA courses, or, participate in the ISO ITAM Standards Committee (Working Group 21 – WG21). Most of these opportunities are low-cost or free and provide valuable networking and learning experiences, while enabling you to influence the future direction of ITAM.


Providing feedback to the group on our content, events, and resources is vital for the success of ITAM’s evolution. While we aim to offer pragmatic guidance and spotlight illuminating trends and topics, your input as a practitioner is indispensable. It ensures that we remain informed about the challenges asset managers encounter today and are adequately prepared for what tomorrow brings.


Becoming a partner is instrumental in advancing the maturity of IT Asset Management and fostering a healthy market ecosystem. As an independent entity, maintaining our autonomy ensures that the community remains vibrant and actively engaged. Contributions will support our goal of being a trusted and independent community and source of guidance. This is vital as end-users rely on unbiased advice to navigate their challenges with confidence, and this also makes them well prepared and informed buyers.

Trustee Board Participation:

IT Asset Management professionals can participate in the Board of Trustees and contribute to the governance group. This affords professionals an opportunity to really help guide the overall evolution and direction of asset management.

The ITAM Forum is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees. One-third of the Trustee Board is refreshed every year, ensuring a complete renewal within a three-year period. New Trustees are elected to the Board by current Trustees, and the ITAM Forum actively promotes open Trustee positions.

Content Creation:

While we have dedicated ITAM analysts and experts on staff, we welcome collaboration from the ITAM community to create independent content that is vendor agnostic and doesn’t align to a specific sales target for market providers. This enables us to enhance our existing content, fill content gaps, create high-value training, and support engaging Wisdom events.

How will this impact service and product offerings?

We will establish a stronger and integrated community, where it’s easy to consume content on a specific topic and then interact with others for help on that topic. We will also be able to offer new products and services.

How does this acquisition impact Wisdom events?

World-wide Wisdom events will not be negatively affected or impacted. In fact, they will progress and expand thanks to more resources dedicated to delivering a more impactful experience for attendees.

Whom should I contact if I have questions or concerns?

Please reach out to your usual point of contact or contact We will do our best to respond as quickly as we can.

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