ISO 19770 Certification Scheme
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Meet Dennis Montanje who’s worked in ITAM for 20 years and leads the ITAM Forum’s Certification workstream. As the MD of Softline Group Northern Europe (an ITAM Forum Patron), Dennis has spent his career delivering services to customers and advising them during their SAM/ITAM journeys. He also promotes the ITAM ISO 19770 standard as the framework needed to do SAM and ITAM properly.

We speak with Dennis in the latest episode of the Change Makers podcast. Hear about what’s happening to create the world’s first, globally-recognised ISO 19770 certification scheme.

“One of the ITAM Forum’s goals is to grow the maturity of the ITAM industry. As part of that mission, it aims to provide organisations with the opportunity to receive a quality stamp for their ITAM management system. Many organisations think they have implemented ITAM in a proper way. They assume they did a good job. But, no one from the outside has come in and assessed it in a uniform way. You can get lost in your own procedures and procedures and not see your weaknesses and improvement areas. We want to enable organisations to have a conformity assessment done by an auditor in a similar way to ISO 270001 and 9001.”

Helping to mature the ITAM practice and profession

An ITAM certification scheme will help raise awareness for ITAM. It will also help others to understand the business benefits ITAM delivers. As Dennis says, ITAM has started to prove itself to be a worthy part of any organisation. It’s growing in importance to IT and the business.

“You can achieve so much more with proper ITAM beyond license compliance. It all starts with adopting ISO 19770. You can grow in maturity as an organisation. By having organisations go through the conformity assessment and securing certification, the industry will start to see all that can be achieved and all the benefits ITAM brings to an organisation.”

Increasing ISO 19770 awareness and adoption

We asked Dennis what keeps him motivated and interested in ITAM. It’s not only the increasing complexity that comes with every IT wave…new technologies and application delivery models…but also the work to increase ISO 19770 awareness and adoption.

“Every time you think you’ve seen it all, you come across an organisation doing things on a global scale in Excel and being surprised they are over-spent, noncompliant, etc. These are all things a proper ITAM implementation can prevent and so much more.”

Listen now to the full 21-minute podcast.

Hosts: AJ Witt and Jennifer Carr


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