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At a time when businesses are relying on experts more than ever to find and deliver cost savings, a new trade body has launched to represent the global ITAM industry. After first announcing his ambition to launch a trade body to promote the IT Asset Management (ITAM) industry last year, Martin Thompson has today launched the ITAM Forum, a new trade body to promote the ITAM industry. 

The ITAM Forum launches with two objectives:

  1.    To educate and evangelise– to encourage more companies to practice ITAM and to attract new professionals into the industry
  2.   To promote best practice – provide a collaborative, global forum for ITAM leaders to come together and share ideas for the advancement of the ITAM industry (eventually establishing a globally recognised Organisational Certification for ITAM)

Commenting on the reasons for establishing the new trade body, Martin Thompson, founder of the ITAM Forum states, “ITAM teams enjoy more seniority and board level exposure than ever before. Research by The ITAM Review in 2018 suggested that ITAM teams reporting into the CXO has increased from 17% in 2011 to 37% in 2018. That is a staggering shift in such a short time.”

“It is worth recognising the unprecedented times in which the ITAM Forum has launched, as societies come out of their respective lockdowns and potentially straight into a global recession. The priority for many businesses at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic was to invest rapidly in remote working solutions so they could maintain day-to-day operations as best they could, whatever the cost. Now that the dust has settled and businesses adapt to the new normal, IT Asset Managers have a huge role to play in documenting and unpicking this rapid and unplanned investment. Looking longer term towards the onset of a global recession, cost cutting truly has become the priority for businesses once again. The ITAM industry will be on hand to help organisations achieve this much-needed cost reduction, while the ITAM Forum will be there to help the ITAM industry make its case as a pillar of the post COVID-19 cost cutting initiatives.”

Download the full press release below.

New professional body launches for the advancement of the ITAM industry