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In September 2020, the voluntary group that creates the 19770 family of standards asked the ITAM community for feedback as it began developing guidance for how to implement ITAM. The group specifically wanted to know what guidance the world-wide ITAM community thought was needed. It was specifically interested in hearing from those not involved with ITAM standards. Thank you to everyone who provided suggestions.

It’s often mentioned that a lack of implementation guidance stops many from implementing ITAM and aligning their ITAM practices to 19770, which is why this group wants to offer helpful guidance that ITAM professionals want and derive value from.

This group has now drafted an implementation guide for those with a base-level understanding of ITAM, who want to elevate and improve their ITAM practices.

You can now provide feedback on this draft, and in doing so, directly help the development of the ITAM standard 19770 and the ITAM industry’s future.

Survey link

Draft for review

(Deadline for feedback is the 30th June)

An online survey that ran in the fall of 2020, showed a real interest in such a guide.


This survey also asked of those organisations implementing ITAM and aligning it to ISO 19770, if they would be interested in having their organisation certified against the standard?

The ITAM Forum has a key objective to create – and be a caretaker of – the world’s first, globally-recognised and independent ISO 19770 certification scheme so organisations can verify the quality of their ITAM processes and improve them to deliver even more business value.

With the growing importance of ITAM as a function and the increasing board-level exposure of ITAM teams, ISO 19770 certification can certainly help to develop the ITAM profession and turn ITAM into a de facto business practice; however, for this to happen, more organisations need to implement ITAM and align it to 19770, which is why this implementation guide is so needed.

Thank you for reviewing the draft and providing feedback.