Meet our New Community Manager

June 14, 2021

We are very pleased to welcome Hernán Fariñas Vales to the ITAM Forum as our new Community Manager!

Hernán brings to the Forum close to 10 years of community and marketing experience. Originally from Spain, Hernán started his career interning with Pontevedra Football Club and Cadena COPE, one of Spain’s biggest radio stations. He joins the ITAM Forum from a global customer agency, where he was a Community Insights Manager.

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Creating a globally-recognised ISO 19770 standard certification program – an update

June 10, 2021

Get involved. Join the Committee of Experts. Join your peers to help formulate what the certification scheme will look like and how conformity will be measured. 

There were two driving forces behind the formation of the ITAM Forum. The first was to elevate the position of ITAM by sharing knowledge and best practices that focus on business value and aid to grow the profession. The second was to create – and be a caretaker of – the first, globally-recognised, ISO 19770 standard certification program so organisations can demonstrate the quality of their ITAM practices.

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ITAM Forum Begins Process of Creating World’s First ITAM ISO Certification Program with Appointment of Secretariat

June 4, 2021

Get involved. Join the Committee of Experts. Join your peers to help forumulate what the certification scheme will look like and how conformity will be measured. 

The ITAM Forum, the new professional body for the advancement of the global IT Asset Management industry, has today passed an important milestone by appointing an independent standardization institute to act as secretariat of the world’s first ITAM certification based on ISO 19770.

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ITAM Forum Gains Three New Patrons from the IT Community

May 17, 2021

EléeITS Partners and RAY ALLEN, Inc. become ITAM Forum Patrons

Momentum continues as the ITAM Forum celebrates its 1-year anniversary.

The ITAM Forum is pleased to announce that it has gained three new patrons that share its vision to grow, advance and elevate the global IT Asset Management industry. 

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Notes from our Chair, May 2021

May 10, 2021

Melody Ayeli, Chair, ITAM Forum Board of Trustees.

I’ve worked in the industry for more than 15 years and have seen how hundreds of companies have addressed ITAM. I know the value it can bring to every organization’s bottom line and the significant risks that can materialize if it’s ignored. After decades, many companies still fall short when it comes to implementing and leveraging ITAM properly and by not giving ITAM the attention it deserves.

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Meet Johannes Biesing, Trustee and Germany Chapter Leader

January 21, 2021

Please tell us a little about yourself and how you came to work in ITAM.

After my Economics studies at the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics, I worked for nearly 10 years for a corporate software reseller, dealing with software contracts and gaining management experience. The team I was in also performed end-user license agreement checks to inform customers about the terms and risks related to their software assets, and negotiated support, etc. So, consequently, we began to offer the management of software assets.

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ITAM Could Save Thousands of Jobs Globally

November 10, 2020

#ITAMsavesjobs launched to raise awareness of the benefits of ITAM in helping companies retain talent by identifying and realizing cost savings.

IT Asset Management (ITAM), the discipline which seeks to optimize spend on the IT environment, has a very compelling business case to help companies through a recession. The ITAM Forum, which argues for ITAM to become a de facto business practice within all organisations in much the same as marketing, HR, accounting etc., is calling on companies to leverage the cost-cutting benefits of ITAM now as part of their recession planning to help protect jobs and maintain growth. 

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