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Business Benefits

Think of ITAM as your trusted adviser, your single source of truth, your business driver. It should be one of your first points of call when it comes to all IT decisions.

Leaders within your organisation may have heard of ITAM. They may generally know about ITAM. But, they may not know that a well implemented, orchestrated and managed ITAM program can deliver significant benefits – touching every department and helping to deliver key strategic initiatives.

We’re working to change this.

We’re working to elevate ITAM’s position by showcasing the wide ranging, positive contributions ITAM makes. There is so much more to ITAM than simply cost reduction, software licensing compliance and risk mitigation.

ITAM helps organisations make sound IT investments, manage and protect those investments throughout their lifecycle, and leverage them strategically to gain advantages, value and benefits.

Denise Lee

“IT Asset Management is a value driver. It’s an enabler to becoming more strategic in business. If you understand what you have, where it is, and you understand how you’re using it, you can make really good decisions in terms of how to leverage that strategically.”

Denise Lee — ITAM Forum Trustee

Ron Brill

“If you ask 100 CIOs what their top five priorities are, you’re likely not to see ITAM on that list. That said, those same CIOs are probably going to list things like cost reduction or information security both of which cannot really be effectively achieved without ITAM.”

Ron Brill — ITAM Forum Vice Chair