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End-user trustees

Bryant Caldwell (USA) Rachel Ryan (UK) George Arezina (CH) Melody Ayeli (USA)
Elise Cocks (USA) Brett Zurbrick (USA) Julia Veall (UK) Denise Lee (USA)

Industry trustees

Martin Thompson
Martin Thompson, ITAM Forum Founder Ron Brill, Anglepoint  Eric Chiu, Fisher ITS  Roel Decneut, Lansweeper 
Johannes Biesing, Aspera  Barry Pilling, Cortex Consulting  Sinisa Lukacev, Gemini Six Sherry Irwin, TAM Inc

Board of Trustees – ITAM FORUM

ITAM FORUM is a not-for-profit trade body for the advancement of the IT Asset Management (ITAM) industry.

To ensure that the trade body is relevant, practical and useable, it is overseen by a trustee board of end user ITAM professionals. The trustee board will also include representation from other industry stakeholders. 

Board Targets: End-user ITAM professionals (8), Independent Consultants (2), Tool Providers (2), Reseller / Partners (2), Audit Firms (1). 

As we are at a very early stage in our life as a trade body, the roles and responsibilities of the Trustee board might change over time, but essentially the board of trustees will perform a governance role – overseeing operations, approving budget and setting goals.

It is hoped that the trustee board, along with the Chair and board of directors, will be the engine driving the establishment of the trade body – being seen internally and externally as ITAM industry leaders, pushing the industry forward, opening doors and actively and enthusiastically involved in the development and execution of initiatives.

We are looking for people to serve as Trustees who:

  • Are passionate about driving the industry forward
  • Can bring experience, specialist knowledge and a relevant network
  • Have the availability and commitment to actively participate

Main Responsibilities (DRAFT):

  • To maintain and champion ITAM FORUM mission and values
  • To ensure that ITAM FORUM has robust governance and policies and complies at all times with its governing document, and any other relevant legislation or regulations
  • To maintain proper financial control and ensure that ITAM FORUM applies its resources exclusively in pursuance of its objectives
  • To develop strategy and provide informed strategic leadership and direction, setting overall policy, defining goals and monitoring performance and working closely and collaboratively with the Executive to refine and improve operations


  • Attend Trustee Board conference calls (Monthly/Quarterly/TBC)
  • To be cited publicly as a Trustee Board member and be featured on the ITAM FORUM website (Name, Photo, Bio, LinkedIn Profile, Company as optional)
  • From time to time, to be a spokesperson for ITAM FORUM on a personal view basis (reflecting your own views not those of your company, and if necessary, in coordination with your internal communications teams)

To learn more about getting involved as a Trustee please contact us.

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