ITAM Forum Member Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct sets out a framework of behaviour expected of ITAM Forum members. All members are required as a condition of their membership to adhere to the Code of Conduct. Failure to do so may lead to expulsion from the ITAM Forum.

The ITAM Forum reserves the right to interpret this Code, to apply it and to change it as necessary. This is not an exhaustive list; appropriate and inappropriate conduct includes but is not limited to the following points.

Members shall:
  1. Always conduct themselves with integrity and honesty.
  2. Act lawfully.
  3. Be open to people from different backgrounds and different experience levels.
  4. Be constructive and facilitate meaningful discussions.
  5. Share relevant and helpful information.
  6. Not knowingly act in a manner inconsistent with this Code or knowingly cause or permit others to do so.
  7. Adhere to all appropriate conduct relating to being an ITAM Forum member. This includes having knowledge of (and understanding of) everything covered within the Code of Conduct and the ITAM Forum’s Privacy Policy.
  8. Ensure that, to the best of their knowledge, ITAM Forum resources are not used in a way that is harmful or detrimental to the interests of the ITAM Forum.
Members shall not:
  1. Exploit any relationship with a member for personal or professional benefit or gain.
  2. Personally attack or harass other members or their organizations because of a disagreement.
  3. Send messages that are deliberately hostile and insulting to other members or their organizations.
  4. Exchange insults with other members of the ITAM Forum.
  5. Use offensive or abusive language or engage in any offensive or abusive behaviour.
  6. Resort to name-calling, accusing a member of malicious behaviour, insulting a member’s work, or other personal attacks.
  7. Use hate speech.
  8. Post solicitations or spam.
  9. Falsify their identity or their work.
  10. Share members’ content or materials outside the ITAM Forum community without their explicit consent.
  11. Act in a manner that is deliberately hostile and insulting to other members.
  12. Fail to identify themselves or knowingly provide any other false information to any member.
  13. Harass any other member in any way, including but not limited to stalking, verbal, or written abuse, because of a person’s colour, gender, national origin, age, religion, marital status, disability, or sexual orientation, etc.
  14. Make use of any ITAM Forum materials or content without first securing consent from the ITAM Forum (please email and make use of any ITAM Forum materials or content in a way that could damage the ITAM Forum, its public image and reputation.
  15. Incorporate the name, image/logo of the ITAM Forum as part of the name, image/logo and branding of a product or service, etc.
  16. Use the ITAM Forum’s name, image/logo and/or events for lead generation, promotion or sales activity to imply or infer that this is a joint activity or endorsed activity by the ITAM Forum if it is not.
  17. Use the contact details of any ITAM Forum member for lead generation/sales activities.
Breach of the Code of Conduct

A complaint regarding a breach of the Code of Conduct may be made by a member of the ITAM Forum or by a member of the public about an ITAM Forum member, Trustee or Patron.

The complaint should be in writing, addressed to the ITAM Forum management team and made no later than three months after the date of the alleged breach. Please submit the complaint via email to

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