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+44 (0) 1793 238 229

Become an ITAM Forum Trustee

Help develop the ITAM profession!

We want you

The ITAM Forum is seeking new Trustees to join our Board of Trustees.

Our Trustees are ITAM professionals who perform a governance role. They volunteer their time to help the ITAM industry progress. They also help to push it forward.

Our Trustees come from all areas of our profession: end-user ITAM professionals (predominately), independent consultants, tool providers, resellers/partners, and much more.

One-third of our Trustee Board is refreshed every year, ensuring a complete renewal within a three-year period.

If you’re interested in becoming a Trustee, please apply now.

Meet Ron Brill. Our Trustee Board Vice Chair.

The application and selection process

  1. Fill in the ITAM Forum Trustee Application Form
  2. Applications will be reviewed by our current Board of Trustees
  3. All applicants will be notified by mid-June 2023
  4. If selected, your Trustee Board position will start 1 July 2023

If you’d like to have an informal chat to learn more about the role of an ITAM Forum Trustee, please get in touch (support@itamf.org).

Meet 3 of our Trustees

“The ITAM Forum is a great way to give back to the global community of ITAM practitioners.”

Bryant Caldwell
ITAM Forum Trustee

Bryant Caldwell, ITAM Forum Trustee, USA

“The more people know about ITAM, the more successful they’re going to be.”

Sherry Irwin
ITAM Forum Trustee

Sherry Irwin, ITAM Forum Trustee, Canada – ITAM Inc

“If you really care about IT Asset Management, the ITAM Forum is the right home for you.”

Ron Brill
ITAM Forum Trustee

Ron Brill, ITAM Forum Trustee, USA – Anglepoint – Vice Chair

About the ITAM Forum

Our vision

All organisations investing in technology have an IT Asset Management program in place that delivers business value.

Our mission

To promote the business practice of IT Asset Management.

Our objectives

To elevate ITAM by sharing knowledge and best practices. To be a caretaker of the world’s first, globally-recognised and accepted, ISO/IEC 19770-1 certification scheme.