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Rewarding Careers

ITAM is on the move

IT Asset Management used to be thought of as a back-office IT responsibility. Or, something associated with CMDB (configuration management database) and the Service Desk. But ITAM is coming out of the shadows and taking a more centre stage position. Perhaps it’s because of digital transformation. Maybe it’s because of cyber security. Possibly, it’s because every business – and every department – is now an IT business. The reasons are numerous. To us ITAM professionals, well, we’re just thrilled.

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ITAM is a rewarding career. It…

  • offers an abundance of truly, interesting opportunities
  • gives you a reason to engage with stakeholders across your organisation – inside IT, outside IT and all the way up to the C-suite
  • lets you contribute to your company’s success and bottom line
  • showcases the business value your work delivers

Why aren’t you working in ITAM?

Are you early in your career, thinking about switching careers, or applying for your first ITAM role? Find out why ITAM is an exciting career choice.

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Sherry Irwin Canada Chapter Lead
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"I didn't know how much fun I was going to have" (Charlie Brooks)
Brett Zurbrick

“You don’t often find a role within a company that in the course of a day, lets you talk to the CIO in the morning, talk to a desktop technician in the afternoon and in the middle, save $100,000 for your company.”

Brett Zurbrick — ITAM Forum Trustee

Sherry Irwin, ITAM Forum Trustee, Canada – ITAM Inc

“ITAM is one of the few areas where you get a mix of technology and business. There aren’t that many disciplines within IT itself that have the exposure to other areas of the business and the opportunity to influence these other areas. It can even take you into different career paths outside of IT that you may have not even thought of.”

Sherry Irwin — ITAM Forum Trustee