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Shannon and Ruxton Schuh are Co-Leads of the U.S.A. Chapter, which is the ITAM Forum’s newest chapter. This chapter is open to end-user ITAM professionals based in the U.S.A.

How did you get into ITAM?

I was studying at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College for an Administrative Professional-Associate Degree. I did my internship with the IT department, and when I finished my studies, I was able to secure a position with this team and was soon promoted to be the Executive Assistant to our CIO.

I’m a true extrovert. This role helped me to get to know people throughout the college and enabled me to help solve their IT problems. This led me to start spending more and more time with our Software Asset Management team, and eventually, it just made sense for me to move into this team as a Computer Support Technician.

What are your duties/responsibilities?

I place hardware orders, software orders and review renewals. Twice per years, I speak with our five learning divisions to review what software is needed (for teaching and learning) and how many licenses are needed for each product now and in the future. I also, of course, speak regularly with our Purchasing and Finance teams.

Because we’re always proving our worth and value, my team is now being brought in at the start with hardware and software planning and purchasing, which is great.

What skills do you think are necessary to work in ITAM?

I think you need patience…patience with internal customers and vendors and patience with your workload. You need to be someone who doesn’t get overwhelmed with your ‘to do’ list. I think you also need to be someone who is naturally inquisitive and not afraid to ask questions.

What would you tell someone considering a role or career in ITAM?

Do it! There is nothing negative I can say about working in ITAM. It just gets better and better. The ITAM community is really friendly and supportive. There’s always someone willing to help you and willing to share their knowledge.

What excites you about ITAM?

What excites me is that my internal customers, stakeholders and ITAM colleagues get excited about how ITAM can help to improve something or solve a problem.

In the next few years, what is the biggest opportunity for ITAM?

I think the new certification scheme for ISO 19770 will be awesome. It will help to elevate the ITAM profession and help ITAM in general gain recognition for the business value it delivers.

What are the goals of the U.S.A. chapter?

We really want to help chapter members learn, so education is our biggest focus. We want to continue to bring new, end-user voices and new perspectives into the chapter for the benefit of everyone.

What would you like to learn from your ITAM peers?

I’d like to learn more about process improvements and how to capture and communicate upwards the benefits we, as an ITAM team, deliver to our organisation.


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