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Please tell us a little about yourself and how you came to work in ITAM.

After my Economics studies at the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics, I worked for nearly 10 years for a corporate software reseller, dealing with software contracts and gaining management experience. The team I was in also performed end-user license agreement checks to inform customers about the terms and risks related to their software assets, and negotiated support, etc. So, consequently, we began to offer the management of software assets.

I joined Aspera GmbH in 2015, and I’m now Director of Sales. I’m also an Industry Trustee for the ITAM Forum of which Aspera is a proud, and neutral, Patron, and I help lead the Germany chapter.

What excites you about ITAM? Why should people consider a career in ITAM?

For me, IT asset management (ITAM) is a highly attractive industry to work in. On one hand, software has become more and more important for all kinds of industries, indicated by the substantial growth in overall software spend. On the other hand, with more software to buy, being able to show business value while also creating savings has become increasingly important. That’s where ITAM comes in. There’s a growing need to manage these assets effectively and professionally.

At the inaugural September 2020 meeting of the ITAM Forum Germany chapter, 79% of attendees said the importance of ITAM is increasing, and 76% said the relevance of ISO 19770 is ‘high’ for the DACH market. So, this is an exciting time for ITAM, and there are many opportunities for ITAM professionals.
What is the biggest opportunity for ITAM in the next two to five years?

As the practice of ITAM matures and the importance of ITAM increases within businesses, I believe enterprise customers will be better able to negotiate at eye level with software providers, especially those that have considerable market power. I think this is the biggest opportunity for the ITAM industry.

What is the biggest business value that ITAM delivers or can help to deliver?

Transparency on the assets you are using. This is the biggest business value. Compliance, cost savings, IT security and other positive outcomes are downstream ITAM benefits, but the transparency of IT assets is a special value in itself and can generate significant cost savings.

What can help ITAM secure more attention from business leaders?

ITAM teams need to report on the benefits they are generating. This will secure more attention for ITAM and therefore, help to raise its profile as an important business practice. The ITAM Forum has an Enablement workstream that aims to help ITAM professionals communicate the value of ITAM, and its Certification workstream aims to build a globally recognised framework for assessing against the ISO 19770 standard. Certification will also certainly help to secure more attention from business leaders.

Why did you decide to become an Industry Trustee with the ITAM Forum?

I was attracted to the idea of working with other ITAM professionals on a common goal with industry competitiveness removed. The ITAM Forum exists to advance the IT asset management industry. That appeals to me. I also value my ITAM peers and enjoy engaging with them. We all have experiences and ideas to share and can learn from each other.

What are your aims / goals for the Germany chapter of the ITAM Forum? 

Compared to other regions, Germany has high software asset management (SAM) maturity so I’d like to help give the German market a stronger voice internationally. I’d also like the Germany chapter to be an open, SAM / ITAM community where all ITAM professionals (end-users, SAM vendors, consulting partners, etc.) are welcome and can come together to share insights and best practices.

What would you like to learn from your peers who work in ITAM?

I would like to learn more about contract negotiations, stakeholder management, best practices, and smart combinations of tooling and managed services. I look forward to speaking with others and learning from them about these things.